Whose Books

Oak Cliff is my home. I’ve served as an educator in our local schools for over twenty years. I have a love and passion for the power of the written word.

I have always loved books, but I rarely saw myself in the stories’ characters growing up. As a mother and teacher, I struggled to find quality books that reflected and represented my children and students.

Things have slowly improved in the book industry.  More and more talented, diverse authors are being published than ever before, but finding or accessing their work can still be challenging. Book deserts, like Oak Cliff, have limited access to book stores. I am on a mission to change this.

Whose Books is committed to showcasing these books and authors in our community. It is through the sharing of ideas and experiences that we learn and grow together. We will inspire and create new generations of readers and writers.

Whose Books is a dream realized. I am excited to provide quality book ownership access for your family. 

With books in heart,

Claudia Vega


Whose Books Believes

  •  that we grow & connect with the world through reading & writing
  •  that the written word can change lives
  •  those families that read together grow together
  • in book access & book ownership for all
  •  in diverse representation in literature
  •  in supporting educators and our schools
  •  in each other
  •  in Oak Cliff